Progress Report against hacking

Progress Report against hacking


 8 of the 19 Daimyo Koji land NFTs that were stolen in the recent hack have been returned to the hands of Edoverse management. 


 As for the remaining 11 NFTs, we are in the process of submitting a damage report to the police. As soon as all of them have been completed, we will request OpenSea to suspend the exhibits.


 These 11 NFTs will no longer be handled by the EDOVERSE service and will be deactivated. 


 If you have already purchased from a thief at this time, Edoverse management will buy it back from you.

We would appreciate your cooperation in promptly notifying us if you notice the theft.


 Please do not purchase or handle any more Edoland NFTs with the following token IDs. 


Daimyo-Kouji Area.  

TOKEN IDs: 396, 679, 1878,4929, 5703, 7300, 7336, 7633, 9224, 9479, 9592 


 Regarding the disabled NFT, we plan to MINT a new NFT that has the same metadata as the stolen NFT.


 From now on, we will treat the 11 newly issued UNITs as official UNITs. 


 We have now identified the WALLET ADDRESS of the stolen LAND holder, so please continue to stay tuned for additional mint dates for the new NFT.

 We are currently working to identify the cause of the hack as well as other vulnerabilities, and will resume sales of land NFTs and sword NFTs in the Otemon area once we have established and confirmed our resilience to the hack. 


 We are very sorry for the concern and inconvenience this hacking has caused to everyone involved.