Continuing report on the hacking damage

Continuing report on the hacking damage


 Of the 19 stolen NFTs, 16 have been recovered and sent to the original holders.

 The remaining 3 NFTs are treated as invalid.

 TokenID: 9224, 679, 7336

For the above 3 NFTs, NFTs for the same land minted under another smart contract already sent to the original holder.

New Land Link

As for the stolen NFTs, the invalidated NFTs will no longer be handled by the Edoverse service, and the newly minted NFTs will be handled as the official ones.


 This completes our response to the hacking.

The website of the Edoverse service, which is currently suspended, is scheduled to be opened to the public on 1/11.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


 In addition, Weelky Insider will be closed next week on January 2, and will restart on January 9 for the New Year.

Monthly Insider will be air on January 11. Please tune in again for new announcements and more.