Dear Edoversian, 


 Edo Marketplace (a website operated by 江戸城不動産 to buy and sell LAND NFTs among users)  has been hacked and found to have been stolen 19 land NFTs in the Daimyo Koji area that were listed on this site due to unauthorized access from external access to the smart contract. 


 Upon discovery of the hacking, the marketplace was temporarily suspended. We are also suspending NFT minting for other smart contracts. (Minting will resume as soon as the investigation is complete.) 


 The stolen NFTs are the following 19 NFTs in the Daimyo-Kouji Area. 

TOKEN IDs: 396, 679, 1878, 1931, 2675, 3196, 3535, 4892, 4929, 5415, 5690, 5703, 7300, 7336, 7633, 8059, 9224, 9479, 9592 


 Land NFTs stolen by hacking are currently confirmed to be listed on OpenSea, but we ask that you do not purchase these stolen items. 

Please be aware of the following Hacking BOT and the address to receive stolen NFTs. 


 Current investigations have not confirmed any other NFT hacking damage. 


 While we are currently consulting with the police authorities, we will immediately consider the future action for the original owners of the stolen NFTs and those who have already purchased stolen NFTs, and will compensate you in some way. 

 We sincerely apologize for the loss of your valuable assets due to the hacking.