Multiverse Collaboration Begins!!

Finally, a collaboration with SINE will be realized.
You will be able to come and go between worlds with the avatar of your choice.
Don’t miss this opportunity!



What is sine/META CAMELOT

META CAMELOT:META CAMELOT is a digital twin-type metaverse space that fully recreates the popular nightclub Club CAMELOT that actually exists in Shibuya. Last year, the club hosted its first real x META CAMELOT and META CAMELOT interlinked live performances. Ryoff Karma was the guest performer, and a total of 500 people enjoyed the live performance in the Real and Metaverse.

sine:sine is a project for 3D avatars that can be used in various metaverse spaces. The first project is an avatar based on the theme of META CAMELOT. This concept is a cross between the “sine wave” that makes up sound and the meaning of “sign” for proof, and is a cool NFT avatar project that can prove itself even in the metaverse. The project is being developed to enhance the utility and revolutionize the NFT industry.

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<sine NFT-Utility>

sine and META CAMELOT have released sineNFT. The utilities are as follows

〇Get 3D avatars.

〇Permanent free tickets to Shibuya Camelot

〇Airdrop of item NFTs according to the number of cards you hold.

〇Use in GameFi to be released in the future.

〇Commission reduction for holding 10 tickets.

〇Big Fundamental coming soon!