Edoverse Rights Offer Program has started!

🔥Edoverse Rights Offer Program🔥
Great new for Edoversian🔔
The Rights Offers Program is an excellent program that gives you the chance to be entitled to receive a very large amount of Zeni by achieving Zeni’s market capitalization requirements🚀

Let’s clear the allocation stage together ⤴️⤴️⤴️

🔨How to join🔨

1⃣Connect your wallet:

2⃣Push Register Button:


Zeni touches the market capitalization target specified for each allocation stage for at least 24 hours (see CMC) Once the conditions are met, the next stage is released⚔️⚔️⚔️

All zeni/land/katana holders who have pledged their participation in this program. A portion of the dividends will go to edoverse’s scholarship and donation🏛️🏛️🏛️

Proportional distribution of a certain amount of Zeni, determined per stage, to all holders according to the market capitalization reached💹💹💹

📌Distribution method📌
Once you have achieved the conditions, you will be able to claim the zeni allocated to you on the site.The amount of zeni that can be claimed on a daily basis will vary depending on market conditions and other factors🧐🧐

After the claim is submitted, it will be sent to your wallet after the approval time (about 24 hours or less) by the operator❤️❤️❤️