-Please transfer the funds to the official Treasury address of Edoverse foundation below at the rate of 475USDC per LAND (5% discount of 500USDC).
(e.g.: Buy 1 LAND→475USDC Buy 20 LAND→9,500USDC)
-Edoverse foundation official treasury address: 0xf5cEd48c114DD38ffF0912FF43aa51fa9E495f95


-The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased by one person is 20.
-The deadline for payment is Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 23:59.
-Only those who fall under the whitelist are eligible; those who fall under the WL address are as attached to the Discord.
-If you are not eligible for WL, please do not make a transfer as it is difficult to purchase LAND by bank transfer.
-After confirming the transfer from the white list addresses, we will start LAND transfers after Monday, August 8, 2012.
-We will announce the completion of LAND transfers for those on the white list.
-Please note that no refunds will be made for incorrect remittance addresses.

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