【Kudan Kisoi-Uma NFT Sales】α-version Release Campaign!!

The history of what is known as “Western-style horse racing” in our country is said to have been initiated by foreign residents in the Yokohama settlement. However, the first horse racing event organized by Japanese people took place in 1870 (Meiji 3rd year) at Tokyo’s Kudan Shrine, later known as Yasukuni Shrine.

Taking this historical background into account, our project has decided to revive the Kudan area as the venue for the “Kisoi- Uma” horse racing in the virtual space Edoverse. The Kudan district will become the epicenter of the horse racing business in future Edoverse projects, holding the potential for significant value expansion.

In this campaign, we will offer for a limited time the bundled NFT, which includes the business rights for the horse racing project and one of the 2282 plots of land (out of a total of 11414 plots, including Yasukuni Shrine) in the Kudan area.


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📌Period of sale
✅7.27 Thu – 8.10 Thu

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📌How to Buy
1⃣500 USDC💰
2⃣77,000 JPY🇯🇵


We sincerely appreciate your continued support for Edoverse.