Important notice from Edoverse foundation

Important notice the from Edoverse foundation

The other day, the Edoverse foundation sent two types of Email, one is the reception completion Emails, and the other one is a confirmation completion Email.

We have received multiple inquiries from who has already applied that the second confirmation Email has not arrived for some reason,

so at 12:00 on July 2nd, from the Edoverse foundation, We will resend the confirmation Email again to all of the applicants. Please check the following procedure.


* Customers who have already paid will also receive a confirmation Email, but this process is not necessary.

1, In the reception setting of the e-mail addressPlease allow to receive the domain.

2, Please check the settings of your mailer and your junk mail folder or trash can

3, Mailbox capacity is exceeded and has not arrived

Please secure enough space to receive emails.

Future flow

July 2nd (Sat) Resend reception completion Email

Confirmation of payment on Monday, July 4

July 4th (Monday) Payment confirmation Email delivery

In addition, if you have any questions regarding transfer confirmation or information changes, we have set up an inquiry form on the site, so please feel free to contact Edoverse foundation.


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